ACoP8 Workshops

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If you have workshop-specific questions, please contact the workshop sponsor at the email address provided below.

Note: all hands-on workshops require a Windows laptop.  Software, licenses, and other materials will be provided by the sponsor either via email or on a USB stick at the workshop.  Participants will be contacted directly by the sponsors with specific information and course requirements prior to the workshop.


Pre-meeting Workshops
SATURDAY October 14, 2017
Workshop Sponsor Contact Duration
Physiological modelling of therapeutic proteins and antibody-drug conjugates: Simcyp/Certara 1 Day
Systems Pharmacology and PBPK modeling using PK-Sim and MoBi. A step by step lesson how to build and apply PBPK models - An Open Systems Pharmacology Workshop  (Bayer) 1 Day
New and Advanced Features of NONMEM 7.4 (ICON) 1 Day
Pre-meeting Workshops
SUNDAY October 15 2017
Modeling Delays in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (U of Buffalo)  1 Day
Bridging PBPK with POPPK for Pediatrics:  (Simcyp/Certara)  1 Day
Advanced Use of Stan, rstan and Torsten for Pharmacometric Applications (Metrum) 1 Day
Post-meeting Workshops
THURSDAY October 19, 20117
R as a single-step platform for PK/PD and PBPK/QSP M&S: integration of model estimation, optimization, simulation, and reporting. (Metrum) 1 Day